Sunday, November 16, 2008

Twilight Movie Original Soundtracks!

First of all, I do know that tomorrow I'm gonna have an exam... Yet, guess I need some refreshment... Hahaha. I guess it would be okay for me if I write wee bit of things here.

Anyway, here it goes. So, I've been a fan of Twilight Sagas for... dunno how long, several months for sure. And I have known, even before I first read the sagas, it would be made into a movie (I became curious about the saga because my American friends talked about this sagas A LOT -and the upcoming movie). Then I read the books and HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH THE STORY since then! Hahaa...

I just realized that Twilight the Movie has already been in theatres, at least since today (or before). Haven't wanted to review the movie yet, since it hasn't been played in Yogyakarta's theatre -while I won't come back home until the Christmas-New Year holiday. I'd like to share my opinion about Twilight the Movie Soundtracks (but NOT the music score, hehe). Here it goes...

1. Muse - Supermassive Black Hole

Bet you all have heard this song... haven't you? One thing for sure... Supermassive Black Hole is still such a catchy, easy-listening, upbeat song, to be heard. Love it! And I'm sure you DO love Muse...

2. Paramore - Decode

Well, I don't really listen to Paramore, actually, but I've seen several acts of the band... and, seriously, they are UNIQUE! Hayley Williams has given... dunno... "charms" to the band. And when I first saw Decode video clip almost a month ago (3 weeks?), I felt as if the song was sung by Paramore (and I was correct)... and I really like the song also; it's really Twilight-ish. And again, in my opinion, Hayley has put some charms in this song. No doubt this song could become the no.1 single of the week...

However, I prefer the acoustic version of the song though. What do you guys think?

3. The Black Ghosts - Full Moon

Umm, no offense, but for me... I can't really enjoy myself listening to this song. xD Really sorry, but it always makes me dizzy whenever I hear it. Peace! ^^v

4. Linkin Park - Leave Out All The Rest

So far, I guess, this is the BEST song throughout the album! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! And I guess, this song can apply to both Bella & Edward (& myself). Ah... LOVE THIS SONG!

5. MuteMath - Spotlight

It's such a catchy song! If you feel bored, I guess Spotlight can make you feel fresh again... Well, maybe the effect of Spotlight is quite the same with the effect of Supermassive Black Hole upon me. ;)

6. Perry Farrell - Go All The Way (Into Twilight)

The second single from Twilight Original Soundtrack, based on Stephenie Meyer's official website.Well, the song is okay... it sounds... somewhat weird... but it's still okay. I'm still able to listen to this song, compare to the dizzines I've got whenever I hear
Full Moon. ^^;;

7. Collective Soul - Tremble For My Beloved

More than okay! =) An upbeat song... If I'm not mistaken, this is also the ONLY song from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight playlist that was put into Twilight Movie Original Soundtrack. Maybe the lyrics aren't "many", but Tremble For My Beloved is still an enjoyable song to be heard. ;)

8. Paramore - I Caught Myself

Yes, another song from PARAMORE! Yaaaaay!!! Hayley Williams is such a Twilight fan... she even made two songs that were dedicated to this movie! Cool!!! =D

Anyway, I like this song better than Decode, yet, I guess Decode "gets" the more Twilight mystic aura... know what I mean? ^^;;

9. Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire

I don't really know what opinion should I give to this song. If you love the songs usually played on Grey's Anatomy, I guess you're gonna love this song. Yet, no matter how much I love that TV show, I'm not really in to its soundtracks (except some). Peace out! ^^vv

10. Robert Pattinson - Never Think

Robert Pattinson (a.k.a. Edward Cullen -though not MY Edward) first single above all!!! Woot woot. Not bad, especially if you love accoustic guitar as the background music. Yet... I guess the tempo is just too slow... somewhat making me sleepy. Hehee. Nice try though, Rob! ;)

11. Iron & Wine - Flightless Bird, American Mouth

This song was put due to the suggestion of Kristen Stewart (the one who played Bella Swan). Not bad at all!!! I think it's such a lovely song... INDEED!!! The lyrics may not be variative, yet, it's such a soothing, lovely, song to accompany you and your day. =)

12. Carter Burwell - Bella's Lullaby

Do I love... or do I loathe this song? Frankly, I'm somewhat disappointed with this lullaby. It isn't as "sweet" as I hope a Bella's lullaby would be! Oh well... no more complaining. No matter what, I give high admiration to someone who compose their own music, so still, thanks Mr. Burwell, for the lullaby.

That's all on Twilight Original Soundtracks playlist. YET... there are more to be heard actually.

There are only 12 songs in the OST, but in several SPECIAL OST album, you can get THREE more songs! 2 instrumentals and 1 "singing" song. Here they are...

Robert Pattinson - Let Me Sign

Verdi - Preludio al Acto III de "La Traviata"

Debussy - Claire de Lune

That's all I can give. Would you like my review... would you not like my review... Hope you can try for yourself, listening (and buy) the soundtracks. Becoming another Twilight fan also maybe?? =P

P.S. :
I did some kind of "pending" in publishing this post. Actual time when I publish this was December 2, 2008. xD

Friday, November 14, 2008


I've already got my car!
Yes... MINE!!!
I'm sooooo happy!
Hahaha... hyper!

IHSAN... nah, so now, would you like to visit me here?

Hmm... neway, should I name my car? I think it's a "he" BTW. Any recommendation on which name I should choose? Hmm...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

How My Life Has Been Going

So, this is my first entry after... I don't know how long. Well, I still haven't got any ideas to make people interested in reading my thought, yet, that isn't important for me.

Now I've become a third year medical student... can't believe time has passed by really fast! I still remember how... disappointed I was in my first year, since all I got here was beyond my expectation, in sort of a bad way. Yet, thing had been better since I was in my second year. I became really excited to know my groupmates more, and yes, they were really lovable people! Although some of them were more lovable than others, overall, I enjoyed my company in my second year group. Everything went well, we often went out together, although we seldom took pictures together (really different from my first year group). And know what? Right after we finished the second session of Block 12 exam, we went to Solo for "farewell holiday", we had so much fun together, and... in the end of the last day, I cried! Oh my. I love them all, really. Until now. Maybe except for one person, but never mind.

So, third year means I need to start doing my research. FYI, I need to complete 7 semesters until I can be graduated as a Bachelor of Medicine and third year means I've already been in my 5th semester. I haven't started my research yet, it will started on Saturday this week. Oh my... I feel both excited and nervous! How will my research end? Will it end well or bad? I hope mine will end nicely nevertheless...

Another thing. I guess, I've got some visions on what I might be doing in the future. I want to be either a dermatologist, an otolaryngologist, or a cardiologist. But I also enjoy Clinical Pathology. =S I know, those can be considered as "many", but at least I've got some visions. Before that, I of course always wanted to learn Medicine, but maybe for a reason that was just too self-conscious. I want to learn Medicine because I want to know more about what makes us human, in scientific way. So my reason was only to fulfill my own curiosity. Not (that) bad, a friend of mine said. Yet, aren't doctors supposed to help people? Well, at least now I've already got some sort of "self-sacrificing" will, so at least, I think I'm okay right now. I still have a wish to be fulfilled, though I need more clues to make this wish come true. I don't want if I only have jobs in the hospital, or any other clinical things. I still want a job with an international atmosphere (and although I think it's still the best for me to work here, in Indonesia, I can't lie that I've always been eager all my life to life abroad, in a more prosperous country; don't say that I'm a betrayer, ok?!). So I think, working in the World Health Organization will be awesome! Until now. It's the only place in my mind where I shouldn't be really "bounded" with my "clinical" responsibilities. I think, everything is possible, so will I fulfill that dream of mine one day? Let's just see... But what I should do next, after I've been graduated... I need some guidance for THAT.

Other thing. About my love life. I'm still in a relationship with my high school boyfriend, we've been together for about 2,5 years! Woohoo. We've still got our ups and downs of course. After all this time, I still think that I've had the closest emotional connection with my current boyfriend among other people. He... understands me best. Really. That's why I cherish him. Although nobody is perfect, but still...

Well, last October, I think I really broke his heart, sort of. I never told him before that, in the end of my 4th semester, there has been this guy (X) that made me couldn't concentrate whenever I was near him. I've alwaaays felt guilty due to this kind of feeling, since I was supposed NOT to HAVE that kind of feeling! But I just couldn't help it. On that time, there was only one person who knew about my dillemma. I might say that she's the person I felt most comfortable to talk with.

And time went by. I found out that the Indonesian version of Twilight sagas had been published, and I collected those novels (both the Indonesian AND the American versions). I really enjoy the novel. Somehow, until now, I think my current love life has become like the one in this saga. With some differences.

I consider myself as Isabella Swan.
Nah, the problem is... I consider X as Edward Cullen!
So, although my boyfriend met me first, he became Jacob Black in this case. BAD.
However, I choose Jacob rather than Edward for my current love-life. It's good, because I still think I did what I was supposed to do, no matter how... oh my, mesmerized I've been by "Edward".

I was able to keep my thought off of "Edward". Until one day. Unbelievable. Because of a too-complicated thing I'm even unable to write... I cried. Because of "Edward". Seemed like, since that time, I've got a special feelings for him, while I'm not supposed to have it. How... bad... and... sad... especially because of the fact that he made me cried! How bad... and how selfish... I want both of them to be mine... How... not cool.

Eventually, there was a day when I broke up with my boyfriend for a while, because of our "disagreement" about several things. And there was a time when I told my boyfriend about X. He was really surprised, but know what? He wasn't even angry at me! I felt bad. After my "Edward" (and I broke up for a while with my "Jacob"), I told another friend of mine about my dillemma. So I was sort of having 2 confidantees at that moment. Both of them told me to stay cool. And, kind of preferring my relationship with my boyfriend over with "Edward" (Edward has just made my life... less easy! He made me helpless, from that day until now). Eventually, my boyfriend and I got back together, again. I do love him, I think so. But... what should I do to this Edward of mine? I still can't resist that kind of perfection. How often do you find a person that seems perfect for you? I guess, it's a rare chance, isn't it? Oh well. I guess I should keep going, keep focusing, on my relationship with my current boyfriend. Shouldn't think about "Edward" that much. Que sera sera... whatever will be, will be. I'm guessing on what future has for me!

Enough bout my love life. About my family. I love them more and more, you know. Nowadays, whenever I'm able to be home, I feel really cozy, really happy, and don't wish to go back to Jogja for my study. I hope my family -my dad, my mom, my little sister- are fine right now. Especialy my sister. Now she's studying on the 9th grade of middle school, so she's going to be graduated next year. I wonder where she's going to study for high school... Pray her for the best, ok?!

Ah... so it's 12.53 a.m. already. Should go to bed right now. Oyasuminasai...