Monday, November 22, 2010

A Sudden Surge of Thought

Well well well...

I do realize that I'm not such a good blogger. However, I never intended this blog to please any other people beside myself. Like what this current post named, what I've written have been, mostly, a sudden surge of my thought.

BTW, I've already been in my co-assistancy/junior doctor stage. I'm currently in the 3rd week of Internal Medicine department. Before this department, I've been in Obstetry & Gynecology, Ophthalmology, and Psychiatry. I still get confused at times though.. I really hope, no matter what, I'd end up being a great doctor, amen. Internal Medicine DOES look hard! But I have such an inspiring, maybe she quite mirrors my "dream", DPK -dosen pembimbing klinik. I hope it's a nice sign...

Oh, something has been amusing me in these past few days. So, apparently, my (non official) name was said to be written in Museum Galuh Pakuan, Ciamis. Not only my name, but also a lot of other names that was compiled by Ibu Erni Muthalib in 2007, the descendants of Panembahan Singaperbangsa. But those names, at least some of my ancestors & relatives' names, hadn't been "edited" yet. Hadn't been edited, in the sense that for one-named person, I put their last names just like their fathers' last names/titles. You know, international genealogical sites REQUIRE people to have first & last names, while some Indonesians don't have such names.

I wonder how those museum people got my (and my distant relatives') names...
I know they got the "unedited" version because there were only names of my grandpa's descendants that were on the list, among my great grandpa's descendants.

I never intend to boast myself, but since I could be named with the title "Rr." if we hadn't lived in a republic, I become quite curious about this museum. As a bearer of "Rr." title, I think it gives us more "responsibilities" to preserve our own culture... while I BARELY know anything about budaya urang Sunda!!!

How sad!

However, I really hope, when I got married some day, I could get married in traditional Sunda Siger dress. :)

I don't wanna get married in Sunda Putri dress since I find it too simple and looks almost similar to Javanese's Solo Putri dress.
I want to have something that's really ethnic!! ;)

Actually, I find Sunda Sukapura dress as gorgeous -somewhat similar to Sunda Siger dress, but there are some differences too. I don't know though, whether actually there's any prerequisites to use that dress...

My mom's Sundanese heritage comes from Bogor, and to lesser extent Banten and Cianjur.
While my dad's comes from Karawang/Purwakarta/Brebes (the Sundanese regents of these places were kinsmen).
Sukapura = Tasikmalaya, so it isn't really my heritage...

Let's just see later.