Thursday, May 10, 2007

[only] random

Hmm... it's been 1.54 a.m. here, in my place. Dunno what to write actually. Well, maybe I wanna write a bit about why I decided to make this blog as my main blog (hopefully I won't change it anymore).

Umm, seems like I'd love Blogger better than my previous Xanga blog or Wordpress. I'm searching for free blog sites, you know! Sooo... yaa... FYI, actually I've made a blog in Blogger before, but it was loooooooooooong time ago, back when I was still a 10th grade student. *not important, huh?*

Well, still, dunno what to write about anymore. However, can't wait for tonight, 6. 30 p.m.... I'm gonna watch a Japanese horror movie named Reincarnation (Rinne) with my friends in my faculty's auditorium. My faculty is holding a movie fest this week. Will I be scared after that? Let's just see, hopefully not. ^^

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Pure Bliss Princess

Well, since this is my first post here, I wanna tell you why I chose the name Pure Bliss Princess. It is based on my full name Annisa Anandatia (yup, there are only given names in my name).

FYI, in my country, it isn’t necessary for people to have/put their family names in their birth-act-name. Some people even only have one-word-full-names (like my mother)! My family name itself, if I wanna write it down, is Haryanaprawira. So, my name could also be Annisa Anandatia Haryanaprawira. But since my dad didn’t put my family name in my birth act, legally, my name is Annisa Anandatia; that’s the name I use at school, at college, even in my ID Card (as well as CRS). If I want to, I could put the name Haryanaprawira though… OK then, let’s start this introduction!!!


I found out in a website that the name Annisa is derived from the name Agnes, which means PURE.


Still, in the same web, I found the name Ananda. It’s a Sanskrit name, which means BLISS.


Then I found the name Tia. I forgot from which language it came from (if I’m not mistaken, it is a Greek origin), but it means PRINCESS.

That’s all my introduction. Oh ya, I also wanna put the meaning of my name that I’ve known from my parents.

Annisa means woman or lady and it comes from the Arabic word An-Nisaa’.

Ananda, my parents thought it has a Sanskrit origin also, but it can also be considered as of Indonesian origin. It means child.

Lastly, Tia. Actually, this is a part of my father’s name. So Anandatia could mean child of Tia; then it’s a patronymic name, isn’t it?

Whatever… I love my name however…


helloooo world!!!