Friday, April 24, 2009


First of all, okay, I do admit that I'm not a good writer after all. I don't write regularly on this blog, nor I've ever written any really interesting posts. xD

Anyhoo, I had (several) surprise(s) within this month, to be exact, since the end of March. One of my interests is genealogy. I'm really interested to make my own family tree and even to incidentally find my distant relatives. I have indeed found LOTS of distant relatives in 2007, when I found a genealogy site made by Ibu Erni Muthalib. Yet, I didn't really feel satisfied that time, since most of those relatives have too distant connections to me, like my 4th cousin or even further (we only have the same janggawareng). I still tried my best to complete my family tree though...

Surprisingly enough, I found two blogs that mentioned my great grandparents last month. I only remember my first cousins and my parents' siblings (plus their spouses) from both my parents' sides, so when I found people who had the same great grandparents as myself, I became really excited! Finally, I could keep in touch with those people who have the same great grandparents as myself. I feel really happy (although because of that relationship, I feel kinda old, since it makes me know my "grandchildren"; I wonder if I've already had any great grandchildren, hmm... ^^;; )

In 2007, I was somewhat pessimistic to find my long-lost relatives, because I didn't get any clue about my relatives whose connections to me are further than my first cousins. Yet, I feel more optimistic right now. I hope I could find more people who have the same uyut, bao, janggawareng, udeg-udeg, and kakait siwur as myself.

Here are some of my ancestors: Raden Bey Gembel Haryana Prawira, Nyi Raden Muningrum Sastradipura, R. A. A. Singasari Panatayuda I & II, R. T. A. Sastradiningrat, and R. A. A. Panatayuda I - IV (or as a conclusion: descendants of Panembahan Singaperbangsa).

I would also like to meet members of big family of Mohammad Natsir, if I could. My paternal grandmother said that he was her uncle (sort of). However, Mohammad Natsir was born in Alahan Panjang, West Sumatra, while my paternal grandmother was born in Payakumbuh and grew up in Bukittinggi (also in West Sumatra). I remember there were some of my paternal grandmother's relatives who lived in Rawasari area, Jakarta, and they were all doctors. Any clue?

That's all I think. Let's see, would I find my other relatives, saudara sedulur? Let's just see.