Sunday, July 3, 2011

Now: K3M

Hello, world!

Well, now I'm having clerkship on another new department, and beside this current one, I "only" have 3 more departments left (i.e. Pediatrics, Neurology, Dermato-Venereology). So, I'm currently doing my K3M, which honestly, I don't know what it stands for! *my bad* This time, we're supposed to do some Public/Community Health projects, out of Yogyakarta city. Fortunate enough, my K3M isn't located too far; all of my co-ass groupmates get their K3M places in Kulon Progo regency, Yogyakarta province. Mine is at-and-around Puskesmas Galur 2, which consists of three villages. My friends and I stay at Banaran village...

We haven't decided what kind of projects we're going to do, since we just got the Puskesmas (yearly?) report yesterday/Saturday. Let's just see later.. Anywho, I feel so-so with staying at my K3M place. It's.. okay, I suppose. The hardest thing is that I can't really browse the internet (through my laptop). First, because my modem doesn't get any signal there. Second, because my laptop is kinda "old", so it needs to be charged most of the time (my laptop's battery could only last for about 1 hour). Beside problems with my laptop, I'm quite okay to stay there (I don't really need TV; most of regular Indonesian TV shows suck). Oh, since we're staying in a village, honestly, it's quite spooky to go outside at night, hehee.

I don't have anything else to write, beside perhaps, it really feels soothing to live in such not-so-outcasted village and work at such Puskesmas. So, I hope I'll come out with another nice thing to write later. :) Actually, I've got some pictures of me & my friends there, but I'm too dizzy to upload them now (thanks Danny for capturing those pics!)

I opened my window and whispered
How are you?
Alone in my room, with no one
The morning has arrived, with a heavy downpour
Someone please rewind my spring for me
I think that kind of person appeared only in old anime
How are you?
I am so jealous, that someone can be loved by all
I must stop saying silly things and start preparing
In order to hide my tear marks
"Oh well whatever" has become my favorite phrase
That line from yesterday went straight over my head:
"I don't have any expectations of you anymore."
Well, even I myself
don't have any expectations of myself,
but still, what was THAT for?!
The words that escaped from my throat
were nothing but lies
Today, too, I have wasted some valuable words,
as I continue living my life
Why is it that you end up hiding it?
Is it that you're scared of being laughed at?
Is it that you don't want to meet anyone?
Is that really true?
Drowning in a sea of the name "ambiguity",
I'm suffering because I can no longer breathe
I now have a small urge to listen to someone's voice
I am so weak
With my preparation going nowhere at all,
I start thinking with my hazy head:
"Should I just find a reason so that I can rest now?"
Nah, I know, I know,
I'm just saying things, that's all,
but I'm not going to rest, so don't get angry at me
Be I happy or miserable,
the morning sun will rise fairly and cruelly
I'm already trying my best just to live,
what else do you possibly expect of me?
Why do you end up being bothered by this?
Is it that you actually want to be loved?
Who was it that let go of your hand?
Have you come to a realization?
If my life has a time card,
then exactly when do I get off my "work"?
Who will pay me my salary
for having been living all this time?
Thank you!
I actually want to say "thank you"
Thank you!
I actually want to say "thank you"
Thank you!
Even if just for once,
while I lament from the bottom of my heart,
I actually want to say "thank you"
Why is it that you end up hiding it?
Is that you actually want me to ask you about it?
I promise that I will not laugh,
so why don't you trying tell me?
I won't know anything if you don't open your mouth
You won't convey anything by merely thinking in your head
What a troublesome species of organism,
the one called "human", that is
Hello! How are you?
To you, I say "Hello! How are you?" 
Hello/How Are You? - Hatsune Miku/Nanou 

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