Friday, April 1, 2011

Love & Roll - guilty pleasure

Well well well..

Somehow I'd like to write something, but what should I write? Hm..

Anyhoo, I've been halfway through my clinical clerkship -currently I'm in the 8th out of 14 departments.
Can't believe time feels like passing by so fast!
I'm now practising in Surgery Department, in the 4th week out of 10.
I never been particularly interested in Surgery, but this week has treated me quite better than my previous 2 weeks.
Maybe because the residents here are nicer to us, co-ass-es, I guess, and I like them MUCH better. :)
My previous residents were just too busy..
Oh, this is my first time ever to practise at RSUD Banjarnegara, and so far, I enjoy it here..

BTW, last March 9 was my 21st birthday.
Nothing special happened, how sad huh? :(
I really wish I could've had some nice birthday(s) all these years but it seems like I never really got any.
I think I got somewhat a birthday "gift" indirectly though: Supercell's latest album (which was released on March 16).
You see, although Supercell hasn't released many albums, I might consider it as my MOST favourite Japanese band EVER!
Thus, I instantly try searching for their latest albums, Today Is A Beautiful Day.
It has several new songs, and several of Supercell's previous hits (or B-side songs in their singles).
Actually, it's somehow below my expectation at first, but in the end I got hooked.

Why do I wrote about guilty pleasure?
Well, it just happens that I'm now somewhat addicted to their song, Love & Roll.
It was actually released in Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari single, but dunno, I just got addicted to this song recently..
This.. teasing song. xD
And I can't help it, oh my..
Its lyrics isn't as bad/promiscuous as many Western songs I know IMO (is it?).

Another thing.
I've made some sort of my favourite specialization list, based on the departments I've gone through so far.
Here they are:

Ophthalmology > Anesthesiology > Internal Medicine > Psychiatry > Surgery > Obstetric & Gynecology.

I don't put Radiology and Forensics since I just feel indifferent toward those.
However, although I won't get Clinical Pathology (and Anatomical Pathology) in my clerkship, I DO consider to take Clinical Pathology one day..
I prefer Ophthalmology and Anesthesiology though.

In fact, if I were a man, I might confidently choose Anesthesiology as my specialization (heck, I still can't believe I'm just too interested with this subject!).
But since I'm still a woman who, deep down, wants to raise her own family, husband (will be), children (will be), the busy schedule of an Anesthesiologist makes me hesitant.

So I guess, (being a) Anesthesiology(ist) is also a guilty pleasure of mine.

Well, let's just see what the future will bring to me..

And I shall enjoy other guilty pleasures I'll find along my way.. :P

"Can you hear me?
I’m calling from somewhere
as I wear my heels
Ok, well then, I’ll see in a bit
As my favorite music plays,
I wink at the mirror before I leave
With a very cute gesture,
let’s pump up the volume and roar!
My mood is a Full 10 Knockout!

Do you hear me?
This is the very first time
my throbbing heart heats up…
This is not like me…
“A lady in love”… as if,
it makes me laugh!
Big and beautiful eyes
with devilish make up!
My cheeks are uselessly lovely…
Tonight, all eyes are on me, but
I don’t know what to do
because I…

I’m not really used to this…
so gently escort me ‘kay?
I’ll try to give it my all but,
do you like it like this?
Take a good look at me,
Do you wanna ask me out?

*thump* *thump* My heartbeat won’t stop,
a girl, I wanna be like a girl
with my whimsical body covered in a sweet scent
Woooo ho!
you act like a shy boy, but
haven’t you been staring at my breast since a while ago?
So boring… you’re too shy
Wooooo ho!
all right?

Do you love me?
Show it with action,
it’s fine if you’re a bit forceful!
Not doing anything to me… How rude!
As I figured, you want to be led instead huh!?
If I push the bewildered you,
with this much, you’ll understand right?
Bring your guard down a bit and
I’ll bring my difficulty level down

It’s better taking it easy without rushing right?
Let’s escape from here and
when we’re alone, I’ll spoil you!
Do you like it like this?
Come here a bit,
Do you wanna take me out?

I take a long look at your eyes,
and feel like teasing you a bit!
I shake and shake my hip and tail!
Woooo ho!
I wanna try acting out a love scene,
so at least try calling out my name
whisper it into my ear with your warm breath!
Woooo ho!
all right?

I feel the throbbing of my heart,
a girl, I’m being a girl!
My eyes glancing up are a sign for you,
Woooo ho!
my light smile tickles your heart,
Lock on, you are already enchanted by me!
If you’re ready for it, kiss me!
Woooo ho!
all right?"

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Adrian Hasdianda said...

I did want to be an anaesthetist well.. but, probably one day I will :)
good luck with the remaining rotations :D